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Christmas Raffle - The Results 21/12/2013

Christmas Raffle - Drawn 18th December 2013


First Prize £250               Number 0812              Lee Collins

Second Prize £100          Number 1142              Paul Connors

Joint Third Prize £50       Number 2466     

All on Candid Camara (Soon)? 01/11/2013

A Private Members Bill to put Cameras in your Cab was introduced on Tuesday.


Licensed Hackney Carriages and Private Hire Vehicles (Closed Circuit Television)
11:30 am 

Richard Fuller (Bedford, Conservative)

I beg to move,


NVQ - BTEC - PATS - Progression Training 06/09/2013

We currently have funding available for the following training courses: 

  1. NVQ Certificate in Road Passenger Vehicle Driving Level 2 (Taxi and Private Hire) QCF;
  2. BTEC Introduction to the Role of the Professional Taxi/Private Hire Driver Level 2;
  3. PATS (Passenger Assistant Training Scheme) for Escorts and Drivers who care or supervise passengers travelling by road - in cars, taxis, minicabs or large buses;
  4. Progression Training for Taxi and Private Hire drivers this comprises Personal
M&S Ranks - We need your Attention! 05/07/2013

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Time is pressing, if YOU want the Ranks as advertised (4 Cabs outside Marks & Spenser’s, 1 Cab slightly further West) then YOU and everyone you know must get in touch with the Council and make your position clear.


The easiest way is to send an email to: 


Do it now – there are some that are objecting and some of the objectors are in

Interactive Roadworks Map 05/07/2013

The Council have a “Roadworks Map” available at and the instructions for its use are in the file the standard advance warning files are still available for those that prefer and are still on this site.  Whilst we are provided with them they will still be updated.


The “m

Think the New Law will not Affect YOU? 18/06/2013

Latest from "The Reiver"                 The insanity of the cab trade

The great Albert Einstein once gave his own definition of insanity he surmised; Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. In many respects, this approach epitomises the cab trade.

The one thing people don’t appear to be considering is the future. A reasonable stance might be to try to look at the cab trade from the outside. So imagine that you wor


The Rank has been advertised as pictured in the article 2 items below.

We need everybody in the trade and your passengers to respond to it.

The map posted on the Council website (which is also in the article below) on 13 June 2013 has been deleted.  We can only presume that the error the PLTA noted to the Council is in the process of being rectified.  We have not been informed that this is the case.

We will not produce a form letter for you to print and sign as we find that this approach leads to them all being sta

Marlborough Street 14/06/2013


 We have been requested to make this available by Licensing Officers.                                                      &nbs

Cornwall Street East (Marksies) Rank 13/06/2013

I promised to put information up on this site - but there is a slight problem.  The Advert in the Paper and the Consultation Letter being sent by the Council is directly at odds with the map provided.                           


Police and Council on Fare Disputes 12/06/2013

You will note below that the Police requested that the item concerning hand-outs in response to the "Advice" given by Police and the Council has been removed at Police request. 

It was picked up by Taxi Drivers across the land and has been cut and pasted from this website and is on several Forums including the best one, TDO.  The PLTA have no way to get these removed, nor does it want the ability to do so.

It has been made clear that infringement of Bye Laws will be robustly dealt with by D & C Police.

After years of trying to have